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Types of payment

The company TM "Life" began its work on the Odessa market in 2000, opening its first representative office on the main street of the city - Deribasovskaya. To date, there are representative offices in every district of the city and Odessa region (Chernomorsk).

Taking care of the client and his health, the TM Life company provides the opportunity to receive products of our own production, high quality and a large assortment. Own production of the company located in the city, allows you to guarantee the freshness of products and quality control by the company's management.

Representative offices of TM Life are located in such a way that no matter what area of ​​the city you work or live in, it will always be convenient for you to go for consultation with our specialists and for the company's products.


And also, having come to us, you can see the process of obtaining the main product of the company - freshly squeezed juice of wheat germ.

The LLC TM Life company is the only certified producer of cereal products in Ukraine. The company also operates in several other countries (CIS, Australia, America).

The assortment of TM Life currently includes the following products: dry wheat, germinated wheat, freshly squeezed wheat germ juice, frozen wheat germ juice, dry wheat germ juice, germinated wheat sprout, wheat germ roots, whey care skin (basal fluid), barley and wheat root powder, Isaiah and much more.

Types of payment

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