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   Dessert Cyprus Delight at the expense of biologically active substances in natural herbs and roots, such as, for example, Siberian Ginseng has a complex effect on the body of men and women, manifested in the isolation of testosterone from cholesterol in men and estrogen in women, which leads to increased potency and endurance in men and increased libido in women.

   Desert Cyprus Delight is a mixture of structured (purified from chemical constituents) honey with gas xenon and a set of herbs in which the main products are special selection of barley, wheat and Siberian ginseng.

   With regular eating of the Cypriot Delight, a group of biologically active substances is formed in the human body that beneficially affect the general health of both men and women, primarily by improving immunity and simultaneously directly affecting the reproductive system, both in men and in women. For sports people, the dessert Cyprus Delight helps to improve sports performance, and when ordering a dessert Cyprus Delight  with an increased proportion of Xenon gas sport results increase many times, which was proved by the Russian Olympic team in 2006 at the Olympic Games in Turin https: // cvcl air /

   In most cases, the Cyprus Delight dessert begins to function in about 40 minutes. If a man feels intimacy, the dessert stimulates the excitement, and after 40 minutes there is a stable incessant erection. The effect of the action of dessert lasts several hours.

   All this time the man has a strong erection, which does not stop even immediately after orgasm. This solves the problem of early ejaculation, since a man can continue to satisfy a woman even if he gets an orgasm earlier - the erection does not disappear, you can confidently complete the sexual act and continue to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to a woman, especially if she also ate a dessert Cyprus Delight before sex. An important property of the Cyprus Delight dessert is the possibility of its use by people with high blood pressure. Dessert Cyprus Delight balances the pressure and improves blood circulation and this effect was studied in the space industry of the USSR, where this dessert was created in order to equalize the blood pressure of cosmonauts under conditions of weightlessness.

   In addition, due to its main property - the release of testosterone - dessert Cyprus Delight is used by athletes as a testosterone booster. Testosterone booster is a sports nutrition that is used to stimulate muscle growth, increase strength and libido, and also to prevent male menopause and correct sex hormone levels. The use of boosters is necessary for men older than 30-40 years, when the natural level of testosterone decreases due to age, in this case, their intake not only has a favorable effect on muscle growth, but also enhances potency and libido. Also, the use of boosters is necessary for people leading an active sexual way of life. Scientists have proved that it is this contingent of people that is most susceptible to psychological and physical impotence, because the physical exhaustion of testosterone production in the male body leads to unsuccessful sexual contacts that directly affect the subconscious in the cerebral cortex and so there is a psychological impotence that is cured in dozens times more difficult than organic. Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol and the "Order" about how much to produce these hormone testicles, gives away important parts of the brain - the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. When the work of these parts of the brain is blocked by nervous stress due to unsuccessful sexual contact, the reverse reaction of an increase in nervous stress occurs and the man body is in a circular impasse, to break which is possible only with food products that are able to produce testosterone from cholesterol independently from the biologically active substances, thereby breaking the circular impasse, while other biological substances in the dessert supply product  Cyprus Delight are rejuvenating the immune system, purify the liver, kidneys , the gastrointestinal tract, balancing the pressure, rejuvenates the heart muscles and, most importantly, removing stress from the body, restores normal functioning of the brain, which in turn quickly removes the body from a circular impasse.

   The chemicals on the market today that stimulate an erection in men do not bring health effects to human organs and do not control the pressure in the body, but create an increased pressure which, due to the powerful influx of blood to the limbs, temporarily creates an erection. These chemicals do not break the circular impasse in the body of a man created by stress due to previously unsuccessful sexual relations but at the same time harm the work of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, heart and lowering the functions of these organs lead to heart attacks and strokes.

   The dessert Cyprus Delight begins to act on women, as well as on men, after 40 minutes, however, as a rule, the visual effect of dessert in men is more pronounced.

   For women, the dessert Cyprus Delight has an exciting effect, increases sensitivity even to touch and strengthens libido. Complex effect of dessert Cyprus Delight leads to a rapid and strong orgasm in women. A larger percentage of women after consuming dessert Cyprus Delight experiences multiple orgasms. Sometimes, with the reception of dessert Cypriot Delight  in the evening, its effect is felt by women even the next day, and the morning orgasm is especially strong.

   Dessert Cyprus Delight contributes to the isolation of female sex hormones, produced mainly by the follicular apparatus of the ovaries. The general collective name of these hormones is estrogens. Estrogens stimulate the development of the uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, stroma and ducts of the mammary glands, promote regular painless monthly bleeding. Thus, the action of the dessert helps in the violation of the menstrual cycle, inflammatory processes in the small pelvis, and also, in some cases, with infertility.

Dessert Cyprus Delight is available in several types.

  1. In the liquid form, 100 ml of the product a taste of which resembles the taste of the most expensive and prestigious coffee Kopi Luwak, however coffee is not included in the dessert, and this taste is achieved by the technology of special barley and wheat fry in which there is Amygdalin - vitamin B 17. Disputes in the scientific world regarding Amygdalin and its therapeutic actions in oncology have lasted for more than 10 years. The latest scientific publications show that those scientists who claimed the lack of evidence for medicinal properties are becoming less and less, and medicines are admissible for the treatment of oncology with Amygdalin-B 17 even in the USA approved Food and Drag Corporation become more and more in the market.

2.   In solid form in the form of sweets one candy of the dessert Cyprus Delight is sufficient portions of food to achieve a good erection in men        and improve the sexual sensations in women. Previous observations show that in order to achieve the same effect as from 100 ml or one        candy dessert Cyprus Delight by eating natural food like oysters, which, like the dessert Cyprus Delight, are a natural food - an                            aphrodisiac, stimulating sexual attraction, then It is necessary to eat 6 dozens of oysters at a cost of at least $ 70, when the Cyprus                  Delight  costs only $ 10.

 At the moment, the dessert Cyprus Delight is the best offer in the market in terms of price / duration, safety of use!

100% natural ingredients,

 Suitable for men and women

Increases potency

Enhances erection and libido

Prolongs sexual intercourse

Increases sensitivity

 Increases orgasm

Cures immunity

Helps normalize the work of all organs in the human body

The dessert Cyprus Delight is prepared in the kitchen of TM "Life" Ukraine and the company "Space Technology" in Poland, the company "Space Technology" in Cyprus, exclusively from natural ingredients, does not contain any artificial additives, preservatives or colorants. A long shelf life is provided by the content of honey and the technology of the vacuum boiling of the ingredients of the dessert Cyprus  Delight at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. All the technologies that are used in the making of the desert Cypriot Delight were developed in the space industry and ensure the safety of all biologically active substances for a long period of time.

The dessert Cyprus Delight in 1992-1995, the scientific name then "Space Earth +" entered into the patent of the Russian Federation No. 43326 dated 16.03.1997 which owner were Titov Herman Stepanovich and Manyk Ilya Grigorievich.

The dessert Cyprus Delight was developed under the guidance of cosmonaut No. 2 of the planet Earth Titov Herman Stepanovich by his assistant in the Cosmonautics Federation under the program of the terrestrial space station "Buran" and, in the program for the development of food and cosmonauts in a long space flight, Manyk Ilya Grigorievich and Gurova Lyudmila Abramovna, chief technologist in space nutrition of the nutrition laboratory at Biryulyovsky Experimental Plant of Space Food and Smetanina Lyudmila - a technologist of this plant.

In Russia, a study was conducted by the institute "Microelement" and received a conclusion about the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis disease with the juice of wheat grass, one of the products included in the dessert  Cyprus Delight.

   The dessert Cyprus Delight was finalized in 2016 -2018 by Manyk Ilya Grigorievich  with the participation of a group of scientists:

1. Doctor of Medical Sciences Anatoly Ivanovich Gozhenko – adding Xenon gas and its healing effect on the human body.

2. Doctor of Biological Sciences. Academician of the French and Ukrainian Academies of Sciences, Rybalka Aleksandr Ilyich  - adding juice        of wheat grass and barley grass

3. Doctor of Biological Sciences. Levitsky Anatoly Pavlovich conducted research in the Odessa Institute of Dentistry and carried out state            registration for the juice of wheat grass.  Also Levitsky Anatoly Pavlovich together with Manyk Ilya Grigorievich and together with the                Antiplague and Especially Dangerous Infections Institute conducted studies on the effect of wheat grass juice on the treatment of HIV-              infected and influenza-infected H1N1 and H5N1 viruses (swine and avian influenza) with obtaining positive the results of which the authors   posted an article in the journal of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


   Before each use of the dessert Cyprian Delight in a liquid form it should be shaken well, and in a solid form, drink a minimum of 100 ml of pure carbonated water, preferably water of the trade mark "Life". However, in some cases, the dosage can be increased without exceeding, at the same time, 200 ml or two sweets per week. The action of the dessert Cyprus Delight is a few hours, and in large cases lasts for several days!


   Application note:

It is recommended to apply for 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse.

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