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Cyprus Delight is a natural, natural food, which is used as a dessert as a testosterone booster to increase sexual abilities in men and estrogen in women to increase libido.

Dessert Cyprus Delight due to biologically active substances in natural herbs and roots, such as, for example, Siberian ginseng has a complex effect on the body of men and women. This is due to the release of testosterone from cholesterol in men and estrogen in women, which leads to an increase in potency and endurance in men and increased libido in women.

In most cases, the dessert Cyprus Delight begins to operate in about 40 minutes. If a man feels intimacy, the dessert stimulates arousal, and after 40 minutes, a stable, continuous erection appears. The effect of the action of the dessert lasts for several hours.

All this time, the man has a strong erection, which does not stop even immediately after orgasm. This solves the problem of early ejaculation, as a man can continue to satisfy a woman even if she gets an orgasm earlier: the erection does not disappear, you can confidently end sexual intercourse and continue to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to the woman, especially if she also consumed the Cyprus Delight dessert before sex.

An important feature of the Cyprus Delight dessert is the possibility of its use by people with high blood pressure. Dessert Cyprus Delight equalizes pressure and improves blood circulation.

The taste of the dessert drink resembles the taste of the most expensive and prestigious Kopi Luwak coffee, however, coffee is not included in the dessert. Such taste is achieved by the technology of special roasting of barley and wheat, in which due to such technology Amigdalin is also concentrated - vitamin B. 17. Disputes in the scientific world regarding Amigdalin and its healing effects in oncology have been going on for more than 10 years. Recent scientific publications indicate that those scientists who claimed the unproved medical properties are becoming less and less acceptable for the treatment of oncology with the content of Amygdalin, at 17, even in the United States approved Food and Drag Coordinator, are becoming more and more on the market.

At the moment, dessert Cyprus Delight - the best offer on the market in terms of price / duration, safe use!

100% natural ingredients

Suitable for men and women

Increases potency

Enhances erection and libido

Prolongs intercourse

Increases sensitivity

Strengthens orgasm

Heals immunity

Helps normalize the work of all organs in the human body.

Before each use of the dessert, the Cyprus Delight in a liquid form should be shaken up well, and in the solid form, drink at least 100 ml of clean, non-carbonated water, preferably with the Life brand. However, in some cases, the dosage can be increased, not exceeding, at the same time, 200 ml or two candies. The action of the dessert Cyprus Delight lasts a few hours, and in most cases lasts a few days!

Cyprus delight, dessert, 100 ml

SKU: 0192
  • ngredients: wheat germ juice, glucose syrup, honey, pollen, bee milk, Chakshirota root extract, cinnamon,

     clove, Alpinia officinalis, ginger, caraway seeds, ginseng,

     allspice, licorice root, epimedium, ginkgo, white mustard, lepidium, stake plant, American ginseng, Siberian ginseng.

    Calorie content, 100 g: 720 kcal / 3012 kJ.

    Energy value, 100 g: proteins-13.1 g, fats-21.1 g, carbohydrates-62.1 g.

    Contraindications: individual intolerance.

    Application Note: It is recommended to apply 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse.

    Store at t from +10 to 25 C and relative humidity not more than 75%.

    Shelf life is 3 months.

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