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MOISTURIZING CREAM with juice of wheat germ.

It does not contain parabens, dyes, perfumes, mineral oils and synthetic additives.


- actively moisturizes and then retains moisture for a long time in the inner layers of the epidermis;

- enriches the skin with oxygen (has a drainage effect, stimulates respiration at the cellular level);

- evens out the skin relief, gives elasticity and silkiness;

- improves blood circulation, prevents the formation of wrinkles and age spots;

- regenerates damaged tissue;

- normalizes cellular metabolism;

- increases the strength of collagen fibers;

- has anti-inflammatory effect;

- restores the protective functions of the epidermis, helps against irritation;

- slows down the aging process, removes decay products;

- protects against harmful UV rays (protection level - factor 10);

- as close as possible to the composition of the skin, there are plant antibiotics and antioxidants of natural origin;

- suitable for baby skin;

- relieves irritation, nourishes, moisturizes;

- normalizes natural cellular metabolism.

Day face cream, 50 ml

SKU: 0014
  • Ingredients: water, avocado oil, rice germ oil, sesame oil (sesame), bioemulsifier, wheat germ juice, vitamin A, vitamin E, D-panthenol (provitamin B), caffeine, succinic acid, zinc oxide, wheat DNA plant concentrate, hydrolyzate of cereal proteins, grapefruit seed extract, bio preservative, composition of essential oils.

    Shelf life: 8 months. Store in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight.

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