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For the cultivation of wheat sprouts “LIFE”, a special grain variety is used, selected by the method of special selection with the participation of the Institute of Selection,

Community Member of the World Control Group (CONTROL UNION WORLD GROUP)


If you want to do wheat germination on your own, you should take into account that you can’t use wheat purchased at the bazaar or intended for the production of flour for germination, since the gluten and chemicals contained in it (POISONS, which are used for the treatment of insects and rodents) will bring great harm to your body.

Wheat grain “LIFE” will allow you to grow wheat sprouts at home, while the amount and proportion of nutrients in the juice obtained from it will be optimal for obtaining a healing, cleansing and anti-aging effect on the body.

Set for home germination "Phytocycle Life"

SKU: 0254
  • The set includes a manual (mechanical) screw juicer, 5 kg of Chernobrov wheat, 5 trays for germination, instructions for germination

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