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Germinated grains - your way to a healthy future!

The juice of wheat germ is one of the most incredible discoveries of mankind.

This is truly a miracle cure that gives sensational results in the field of healing and rejuvenating the body!

A serving of juice from TM "Life" is a powerful vitamin cocktail and an indispensable supplement to the daily diet. It contains all groups of vitamins: B12, C, A, D, E and K, C, and minerals. The juice also contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, etc. Of the 102 existing minerals, it contains 90. In addition, the juice of wheat germ contains more than 80 enzymes (enzymes), and is also rich in proteins and proteins. The juice contains 19 important amino acids, which are not always present, and even more so in active form, in other food products. The juice is unique in the body's 100% digestibility of all its constituent elements. Juice from wheat stalks contains chlorophyll, which is the main component of the plant - about 70%. Chlorophyll is called "green plant blood." By the structure of molecules, chlorophyll is similar to the structure of molecules of red bodies (hemoglobin) in human blood. Both chlorophyll and hemoglobin have the same atomic structure for the construction of molecules. But since chlorophyll and hemoglobin are similar in structure, it helps chlorophyll to be absorbed instantly and begin to create new blood cells. Once in our body, it cleanses and renews the blood, regulates blood pressure, normalizes blood sugar, relieves fatigue and promotes tissue regeneration at the cellular level (enriches cells with oxygen).

30 ml of juice contains as many valuable vitamins and minerals as 1.5 kg of fresh vegetables and fruits.

The healing properties of wheat germ juice:

enhances the body's immune function;


participates in cell synthesis;


promotes tissue repair;


inhibits pathogenic flora, restores the functions of the gastrointestinal tract;


activates the action of enzymes involved in the synthesis of vitamins E, A, K;


enhances the production and "quality" of milk in nursing mothers;


stops the growth of bacteria in wounds, anaerobic bacteria and fungi in the intestine;


removes excess drugs, fights toxins, deactivates many carcinogens, cleanses the liver, neutralizes pollutants in the body;


counteracts such diseases as: oncological diseases, colds, ENT pathology, inflammatory processes, stomach and intestinal ulcers, all skin inflammations, arthritis, pancreatitis, etc .;


promotes the formation of connective tissue, which helps in the healing of erosion, ulcers, open wounds;


improves the condition of varicose veins, treats leg ulcers, helps to remove skin rashes and other skin rashes with the formation of scabs;


able to prevent pathological changes in DNA molecules, i.e. due to its antimutagenic properties, it can stop or slow down the development of various forms of cancer;


normalizes blood sugar;


chlorophyll contains vitamin K, which makes it an excellent tool for the prevention of urolithiasis, since it inhibits the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in the urine;


increases the function of the thyroid and pancreas;


helps with anemic conditions, regulates blood pressure;


It has a rejuvenating effect, smoothes wrinkles, improves the general condition of the skin (increases tone and elasticity).


Wheatgrass juice - a direct way to your health!

Freshly squeezed juice of wheat germ, 30 ml.

SKU: 0015
  • Application: In order for your body to always be in good shape and receive everything necessary for the immunity to be in excellent condition, it is enough to use this drink once a day. And with the correct use of this unique product, you can get rid of a number of chronic diseases or facilitate this process. With daily use of wheat germ juice, the result can be felt after 2-3 weeks: the general tone of the body increases, the skin improves, the hair strengthens, sleep normalizes, clarity and depth of thinking increase.

    - To increase immunity and disease prevention 30-60 ml per day

    - In case of chronic diseases 60-90 ml (2-3 r.v per day): the more, the more effective. Drinks in 20 minutes. before meals or an hour after eating.

    Athletes: 60-90 ml. per day after training

    Contraindications: individual sensitivity to the components.

    Ingredients: 100% wheat germ juice.

    Storage conditions and shelf life: at t 0-18С - 24 hours

     Nutritional value of 100ml: proteins-40g, carbohydrates-30g.

     Calories 100ml: 272.5 kcal / 1140.0 kJ

     Not a drug

     Without GMO

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