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The healing power of green plants has been known since time immemorial. This is due to the content in them of a large amount of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, obtained from the juice of the Chernobrov / barley wheat germ, is one of the richest sources of nutrients of natural origin, has many beneficial properties for the body, therefore it is called the best drink to enhance the health of the whole family.


The product "Chlorophyll" TM "Life" is more fiber, which favorably cleanses the digestive tract and enriches cells with oxygen and nutrients. Improves digestion processes, contributes to the development of normal intestinal microflora.

The fiber of the Chernobrov wheat / barley sprouts very well stimulates intestinal motility, prevents constipation, spasmodic colitis, hemorrhoids, colon cancer and varicose veins. Washes excess cholesterol and bile acids, has the greatest ability to remove allergens from the body, slow down the absorption of sugar after eating, which is useful for diabetics. Fiber from wheat / barley sprouts contributes to safe and effective weight control and is simply indispensable when implementing a nutrition program that is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates.

This is interesting: in 1930, Dr. Hans Fischer received the Nobel Prize, who discovered the chemical structure of hemoglobin - the main respiratory pigment of human blood, and to his surprise found that it is almost identical to chlorophyll. Therefore, chlorophyll is able to exert an effect similar to that of hemoglobin on the blood: increase oxygen levels.

Attention! In the assortment of TM "Life" there is a product available that contains the highest concentration of chlorophyll (80%) - this is dry juice of wheat and barley sprouts.

Dry chlorophyll, 50 g

SKU: 0022
  • Application: 3-5 g (1-2 teaspoons) per day directly and food, with salads, with juices, mixed with dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt).

    Contraindications: individual sensitivity to the components.

    Ingredients: chlorophyll, fiber of wheat germ / barley.

    Storage conditions and shelf life: at a temperature of 15-25 C in a dry place - 12 months from the date of production.

    Nutritional value, 100g: proteins-22g, fats-0.4g, carbohydrates 2.5g.

    Calories, 100g: 101 kcal / 424 kJ.

    Not a drug.

    Without GMO.

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