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Black "Thursday" salt.

Bring health home!


According to legend, this unique salt has amazing healing properties. Following old recipes, we offer you black salt based on table salt, sprouted wheat germ, barley, and their roots. Black salt is an edible salt, traditionally popular, healthy, environmentally friendly product with a unique taste and aroma.


History of black salt recipes

Black means pure. In Old Russia, there was a custom - the preparation of black salt. The salt was fired in a Russian oven with the addition of sprouted wheat and barley or kvass, cabbage leaves, rye flour, there were many recipes, but the essence remained the same.

Black salt was used in the household as a cure for physical ailments, served as a charm against damage and quarrels. And the ash remaining after the preparation of the salt was used as activated carbon, which removes toxins from the body.


Properties of black salt (edible salt):

Black salt is useful for people with diseases of the kidneys, heart, hypertension, hypotension, etc. Because it is enriched with potassium, calcium, magnesium ions, and elements of selenium. Moreover, this salt is of great benefit as an absorbent. The carbon contained in it in the form of finely porous coal removes toxins from the body, that is, black salt is the “sink” of all toxins. Its therapeutic effect is completely similar to the effect of activated carbon.

Black "Thursday" salt, 50 g.

SKU: 0013
  • Ingredients: sea salt, seedlings and roots of wheat and barley.

    Store at a temperature of + 5-30 C in a dry place.

    Shelf life is 12 months.

    Nutritional value 100g:

    proteins-6.7 g, fats-0.12 g, carbohydrates-0.75 g.

    Calories: 30.3 kcal / 127 kJ.

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