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Join the production Cooperative TM "LIFE" with payment of piecework from 150 Euro per day.

  The company "Space-Tehnology" -Warsaw, the owner of technology and the trademark "Life"

invites everyone to live and work in Europe, to join the emerging production Cooperative TM "LIFE", located in Germany in the city of Gorlitz.

  The company "Space-Tehnology" will sign a contract with those who wish to join the Cooperative

guaranteeing from her side the following conditions:

1. The provision of free housing in the Cooperative TM "LIFE"

2. Providing a workplace for the production of gastronomic products

3. Provision of raw materials for the manufacture of products for earnings of at least 150 Euros daily

4. Monthly payment for manufactured products from 15 (fifteen) Euro cents per one unit.

  Membership fee for joining the Cooperative TM "LIFE" to obtain free housing and a workplace, as well as registration of the right to work in Germany, 3 500 Euro.

  Goerlitz is the most eastern city in Germany with a population of about 60 thousand people, one of the most economically developed cities in Saxony. Consists of 10 urban areas.

  The eastern part of the city after the Second World War was separated from Görlitz, is now in Poland and is called Zgorzelec. The border is formed by the river Neisse. The city was not destroyed during the war and therefore is now among the most beautiful cities in Germany. The city has more than 4,000 well-restored architectural monuments.

  In 1816, the city was subsequently incorporated by the decisions of the Congress of Vienna into the Prussian province of Silesia. It had a decisive influence on the political and social development of the city. In 1833, the Prussian city law was introduced and the city saw a new period of prosperity. In 1848, the city was connected by rail with Dresden, Berlin and Wroclaw. This contributed to the rapid industrialization. Numerous buildings from that period still define the appearance of the city south of the center.

In 1945, the retreating Wehrmacht troops blew up all the bridges across the Neisse - the city basically remains intact. By Potsdam agreement, the city is divided into German and Polish parts of Zgorzelec.

A large carriage factory VEB Waggonbau Gorlitz is located in Goerlitz. Since 1998, the plant has been owned by Bombardier Transportation.

  The world-famous German theosophist, visionary, Christian mystic Jacob Böhme was born in Goerlitz. Goerlitz is the birthplace of the former captain of the German national football team Michael Ballack.

  There are about fifteen churches in the city. Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche - Church of the Holy Cross. It was built for the first Catholic community after the Reformation in the years 1850-1853. Built of natural stone in the new Byzantine style. Lutherkirche - Luther Church. Built in 1901. She became the first Evangelical Lutheran church after the reformation. The architectural style is reminiscent of the imperial cathedrals on the Rhine. The facade is built of red bricks with multicolored fragments of artistic sculpting, and glazed stones. In the windows - multi-colored stained glass windows. And the Great Luther in bronze before entering.

Distance to the border of Poland: 3 km (approx. 5 minutes by car)

The distance to the border of the Czech Republic: 5 km (approx. 7 minutes by car)

Distance to Dresden: 110 km (approx. 1 hour by car)

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