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People's Laboratory



Announcement: TM Life LLC Ilya Manik, Academician, Doctor of Medical Sciences Anatoly Ivanovich Gozhenko, Academician, Doctor of Biological Sciences Rybalka Alexander Ilyich, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Anatoly Pavlovich Levitsky, Svetlana Nikolaevna Gramatyuk, Candidate of Medical Sciences in Biotechnology

Announce the construction of the world's first People's Laboratory for the cultivation of Pluripotent stem cells and the cultivation of non-rejected organs from them.

(Pluripotent - stem cells obtained from your donor cells by reprogramming them)


Laboratory address: Odessa city, st. Malovsky 8 at the Institute of Transport Medicine.

(Building 450 sq.m. 70% readiness with the potential to increase the area to 1000 sq.m.)

The purpose of the project: to provide an opportunity for every person to rejuvenate the body, qualified treatment and / or replacement of any organ at an affordable cost to everyone.

1. 1st stage - (within 1 year) - the creation of the world's first laboratory for growing Pluripotent stem cells from your Zygote cell obtained by reprogramming any of your somatic cells using the technology that received the Nobel Prize in 2012

(a somatic cell is the cells that make up the body of multicellular organisms) (Zygote is the first cell to create your entire body - obtained by reprogramming any cell in your body);


2. 2nd stage - (within 2 years) - the creation of a laboratory in Sharm - El - Sheikh, Egypt - a clinic for growing non-rejected organs from pluripotent stem cells and their introduction into the body

     (growing any organ in your body);

3. 3rd stage - (within 3 years) - creation in the Sharm-El-Sheikh laboratory of a clinic for reproduction of the whole organism from the Zygote typeotent cell using a surrogate mother (not a cloning);

4. 4th stage - (within 4 years) - the creation of a clinic for reproducing a person from the Zygotes typeotent cell in the Sharm - El - Sheikh laboratory without using a surrogate mother.

(Typeotency - reprogramming your cell into the zygote using the first stage of its division to the embryonic yolk sac, allantois, chorion and placenta);

5. 5th stage - (within 5 years) - the creation in Sharm - El - Sheikh of the world's first laboratory for the introduction of technology founded by Dr. Ayan Pearson (memory and consciousness transfer to the Android platform - transfer of the human mind to virtual reality).

We invite everyone to join our program, and together with us to achieve our goal. We will provide complete information in personal correspondence (tel .: +380674843980). Get involved in order to make your life better and more perfect! We also invite you to attend the April 9-10 international scientific conference on this subject in Odessa at 20 French Boulevard.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Ilya Manik


Information letter No. 1


Conferences GP UkrNII transport medicine Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Association of Biobanks of Ukraine

Department of Clinical Pathophysiology, Topographic Anatomy and Surgical Surgery KhMAPO


invites you to take part in the scientific and practical symposium

with international participation

"The effectiveness of stem cell therapy in combination with clinical nutrition technologies" 9-10 April 2020

“The effectiveness of therapy using stem cells in combination with technologies of clinical dietetics” April 9-10, 2020

for doctors of all surgical specialties, pathophysiologists, oncologists, surgeons, chemotherapists, anesthetists, nephrologists, immunologists, cryobiologists, epidemiologists, virologists, microbiologists, bacteriologists, infectious disease specialists, pediatricians, endocrinologists, general practitioners, general practitioners, general practitioners, and general practitioners Of Ukraine


to be held in Odessa on April 9 - 10, 2020

according to the Register of congresses, congresses, symposia, scientific and practical conferences and scientific seminars for 2020


 Priority Program Matters:


      1. The effectiveness of cell therapy:

          • measures to ensure the quality of the cell culture that are used;

          • international quality standards ISO;

          • stem cell treatment and ethical standards;

          • indications and contraindications for the use of stem cells;

          • stem cells in the work of cosmetologists.

     2. Provision of stem cell treatment according to international standards and the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 1422

     3. ERTRI program in Ukraine.

     4. Clinical Dietetics in Pediatrics

     5. Rare genetic diseases and clinical dietetics.

     6. The importance of nutrition during rehabilitation in oncology.

     7. Modern trends in stem cell treatment in pediatric practice.

     8. The principles of using cell cultures.


Conference Venue:

April 9 - April 10 - Business Hall of the Odesa Sanatorium, SBU, at the address: Odessa, 52 French Boulevard, Ukraine.

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