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Germinated grains - your way to a healthy future!

   Grain TM "Life" is grown on specialized fields of the Odessa Institute of Selection.

   The wheat and barley that we use are under special control, the rules of agricultural technology, the technology of harvesting, drying and storage of grain are strictly observed. Our wheat and barley comply with the hygiene standards that apply to cereals that are germinated for the purpose of treating and healing people.

   The grain itself is germinated directly in the offices of TM "Life". The grain is germinated by a unique technology that has been tested in the space industry, without the use of soil and chemical additives, which allows to achieve the optimal amount of nutrients in the final natural product.

Each client can visit our representative offices and make sure of the quality of raw materials, as well as observe the processes of preparation, cultivation, extraction of nutrients and their processing, mixing. And even make sure the quality of the packaging ordered by him product.

Daily consumption of even a small amount of freshly squeezed juice of wheat and barley sprouts allows you to get rid of many chronic diseases, strengthen immunity, and its virus-inhibiting activity against the influenza virus is confirmed at the level of laboratory studies. Juice has a regenerative ability, manifested in the launch of rejuvenation mechanisms at the cellular level.

   Wheat and barley sprouts belong to the so-called biogenic products, i.e. In addition to the necessary set of enzymes, microelements and vitamins, they contain hitherto unexplored bioenergy.
   The thing is that each cell of a wheat germ, barley represents a “living” container containing a cytoplasm with a large number of chloroplasts. It is in them that the photosynthesis of enzymes necessary for the human body takes place. Even the membrane of each cell of a young sprout represents a set of specific carbohydrates and a chain of polysaccharides connected by phenols, working in the intestines as sorbents and antioxidants. Such polysaccharides are not completely destroyed by the action of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice and, entering the small intestine, are able to differentiate and absorb radionuclides, compounds of heavy metals and harmful microorganisms.


Until now, no one in the world could create a cure for all diseases! ONLY YOUR OWN HEALTHY IMMUNITY IS ABLE TO COPE WITH THIS PROBLEM!

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